Join Kate and her curated insightful hormone experts and neurodivergent specialists as they share their wisdom and tips to help you manage your ADHD and hormonal symptoms. We discuss a range of topics from perimenopause, endometriosis, PMS/PMDD, heavy periods, nutrition and sleep through our unique and misunderstood neurodivergent lens.

This video series will finally give you the guidance to help validate what you have experienced throughout life with your hormones.



Join Kate and her curated insightful hormone experts and neurodivergent specialists as they share their wisdom and tips to help you manage your ADHD and hormonal symptoms. We discuss a range of topics from perimenopause, endometriosis, PMS/PMDD, heavy periods, nutrition and sleep through our unique and misunderstood neurodivergent lens.

This video series will finally give you the guidance to help validate what you have experienced throughout life with your hormones.

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In 2021, one of the U.K.’s leading mental-health-care providers, reported that some 254,400 women took its online ADHD test in 2021—33 times the 7,700 women who self-assessed in 2019.

In 2023, we understand there are clear links between women's health, hormonal issues and ADHD and it is my hope that this course will empower and enable you to connect dots and gain insight & understanding into the questions that have needed answering for so long - and that have often been dismissed by medical professionals.

It's time for you to become an expert of your own hormones and lifestyle.

After each conversation, I want to leave you feeling more supported and full of clarity, enabling you to take the most educated and empowered steps forward to better women's health and wellbeing alongside your ADHD diagnosis.

"The hormone series is wonderful - such a rich resource…You are making such a difference to the women's ADHD community - thank you!"

Does this sound familiar to you?

✔️ Suffered from heavy periods, severe mood swings, PMS/ PMDD and energy crashes for most of your life and unsuccessfully tried all sorts of medication, including the pill, to manage the symptoms and pain?


✔️ Feel angry that you've been dismissed by your doctors, who tell you that your symptoms are in no way connected to your ADHD/Autism diagnoses and are just 'normal hormonal changes'?


✔️ Told that you simply have to live with your symptoms and deal with it?


✔️Consistently struggled with your hormones since puberty and tired of feeling functional two out of four weeks of the month and desperate to get your hormones and life back on track?


✔️ Drained and exhausted by your busy mind and depleted energy levels?


✔️ No longer willing to sit back and accept any more suffering and desperate for better awareness of how to help yourself? 


✔️  Lack the knowledge of how to reclaim your health and unsure of where to start?


✔️ Historically feel invalidated, unsupported, and on the brink of collapse - desperate for solutions?

I need this information!

I really do understand and have been exactly where you are now. I've had hundreds of messages from women just like you....

"I 100% feel that my ‘mask’ fell when my hormones started to shift at age 37. After 2 babies and no birth control/hormone tablets I just found so many things unbearable and too difficult to navigate.  I found myself feeling like I was having a mini breakdown every month... now I have discovered that I most probably have ADHD it all makes sense. 

I finally understand so much about myself and I am able to advocate for myself when it’s needed."

"During an appointment with a female GP who I was seeing due to the severe chronic pain I was in, she recommended I read a book talking about how to overcome pain with the mind!

She refused to ask for my surgery to be expedited as she didn't think it would make a difference, and didn't bother to prescribe stronger painkillers. This was before I'd been diagnosed as ND and was in the throes of PMDD and chronic pain."


There is another way!

"When I was pregnant as well as the early months of motherhood my symptoms multiplied and became utterly uncontrollable and unavoidable. People say it’s ‘baby brain’ or ‘baby blues’ but the complete discombobulation of my brain, mood, hormones and persistent overstimulation was off the scale."

"Perimenopause is crushing me! Have always had pms, probably PMDD, but now SO inattentive and can’t concentrate!!!"





Empower yourself with up-to-date knowledge, global expertise and new insights - all through the lens of ADHD in women. 

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" I suffered incredibly bad PND after my second baby. Since that pregnancy I suffer with awful PMDD, to the point, that my ADHD diagnosis pretty much saved my family, because every month I would be convinced myself and my husband need a divorce because everything he did made me want to set things on fire. 

The impact is awful, I only spent time last week looking for help with PMDD because it was so bad and I was so low I just didn’t want to be here. The saving grace I have NOW is that, I know it will pass, I know it’s my hormones and I will not let it impact us like it has. I am desperate for solutions"

"I just turned 40 end of last year and I am almost sure I have also slipped through the net. Since my teenage years I have been in/out of Drs and always been told it’s anxiety/depression.

But I don’t believe that’s the case, after reading and researching and listening to your podcast I literally can tick nearly every single one of the known symptoms /characteristics for ADHD."






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Meet the Experts

Genuine experts who understand ADHD and hormones due to either lived experience or being experts in their field including women's health, womb healing, emotions, menopause, HRT, mindset, medication, wealth, hormones, lifestyle, career, nutrition, energy and neurodivergence

Adele Wimsett

ADHD Women’s Hormonal Health Practitioner

Angela Bentley

Wim Hof breathwork instructor and transformational coach

Kim Schweiger

Hormone Expert & Nutritional Therapist

Dr Emma Ping

GP and ADHD & Menopause Specialist

Kim Raine

ADHD Mind, Body and Confidence Coach

Elizabeth Swan

Neurodivergent Teacher, Coach and Education Consultant

Katie Taylor

Founder & CEO of The Latte Lounge

Samantha Hadadi

Women's Health, Cycles & Hormone Coach

Sophie Tully

Clinical Nutrition Scientist, ADHD coach and Hormone Expert

Dr Rachel V.Gow

Nutritional Neuroscientist
& Neurodevelopmental Specialist

Laura Spence

ADHD Midwife and Perinatal Mental Health Expert

Kate Moryoussef

Host & Founder of ADHD Women's Wellbeing

Just Added...

Kate Shepherd Cohen

Menstrual consultant

Dr Nicola Harker

Compassion Teacher and
Leadership Coach

Victoria White

Birth and Postnatal Doula for Neurodivergent People

This groundbreaking series will help you to:

⭐ Educate yourself on what experts know about ADHD women, hormones, perimenopause and women's health

⭐ Learn why your ADHD is interconnected to your reproductive health

⭐ Empower yourself with up-to-date knowledge from women's health experts - all through the neurodivergent lens

⭐ Move forwards with more clarity to emotionally and physically support yourself and/or your daughter

⭐ Validate your symptoms and create better pathways to manage your hormones

⭐ Nurture yourself with compassionate guidance, more self-acceptance and uplifting expert-led tools

⭐ Support yourself with new lifestyle options, supplementation and nutritional advice for better hormonal balance

⭐ Improve your ADHD symptoms by learning why your hormones matter as a neurodivergent woman


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Hear what current students have to say about the series

 "...I literally cried through the whole thing. It means so much to have this information shared and I can now see a little light at the end of the tunnel."

"...I've been listening to all the gold in there! I've learned a lot and I think this needs to be in the hands of every woman x"

 "Just listened to Samantha's workshop, I literally cried through the whole workshop ...Gives me light at the end of the tunnel that maybe some of my dark days can be reduced. Thank you so much for this with us, Kate."

"I found this conversation so insightful, informative and encouraging. As a perimenopausal, very recently diagnosed, ADHD woman I relate to so much of what was discussed and I will be ordering Kim’s book asap."

"Just purchased it and listening as I work. Ladies highly recommend Beautiful pieces of wisdom from a great group of women who care. Self-care, self-awareness, and self- advocacy, are all so important as we shift into menopause."

"I loved Adele's workshop about following our cycle so I'm hoping that with the coil removed, I'll be able to start tracking more easily and allow myself the compassion to just 'go with the flow' a bit more throughout the month."

"Hi Kate just listened to Adele's section so far - wow. She puts things across logically whilst helping understand the scientific links of hormones and ADHD. Girls should be taught the different functions the hormones in school linked to real-life examples like Adele describes. I feel at 35 a massive hormone penny has dropped. Can't wait to go through the others."


"The hormone series was great and opened up so much understanding for me! It’s made me much more conscious of how my diet and lifestyle may be affecting my hormones and generally speaking since I started to up my protein take, supplements and eat better I have felt much better mentally and physically! So keeping up with the good work!Thanks for all that you do 😊 I love being part of the community x "

"I’m finding it really useful. Helping me very much to understand myself! Loving it, thanks 😊 "

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My aim for this series is to give women worldwide access to knowledge and expertise to help them thrive better with their new ADHD diagnoses.


I have seen first-hand how the resources and support simply aren't there for women with ADHD, and the waiting times to be seen merely for an NHS assessment can be up to 5 years. So many women are desperate for help, and most can't afford to be seen privately.

This series gives you access to Kate and incredible experts and their knowledge for less than the price of one private consultation. 

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  • Over 10 hours of pre-recorded interviews with genuine  experts in ADHD & hormones
  • Lifetime access to all recordings PLUS regular updates to the product as we continue to build the library of resources and experts for you.
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Meet Your Host,

Kate Moryoussef

Wellbeing coach, ADHD expert, EFT practitioner, podcast host and founder of ADHD Women's Wellbeing

In 2021-22 alone, there was a 34% increase in adults seeking a diagnosis and a 400% increase in ADHD diagnoses over the past three years. Most women are bring diagnosed while experiencing perimenopausal symptoms, which can be blighting for even the most neurotypical of women.

With ADHD, these hormone shifts can be even more severe and debilitating.

There is a massive disparity in medical awareness, knowledge and support in this area.

Every day women's health professionals and specialists are not seeing the link between the two, and too many women are falling between the cracks. The amount of times women have told me they have been suicidal because of this is heartbreaking.

The comments and messages I've been receiving all have a common thread: dismissal, misunderstanding, lack of care and empathy without any recognition of possible neurodiversity. The anecdotal evidence is indisputable, but sadly, science and medical research are far behind, highlighting the age-old story of patriarchy within medicine. This is worldwide, by the way, not just here in the UK.

My ADHD sense of justice and advocacy has kicked in big time - I want more women to empower themselves with up-to-date tools and information so they can improve their quality of life and enjoy it moving forwards. 

There is centuries worth of outdated patriarchal conditioning to unpick and rebuild, but I'm hoping that by creating The ADHD Women's Wellbeing Hormone Series, we are getting one step closer to making this information and support more accessible, so that you can feel empowered to move forwards - no longer in the dark and invalidated.

Empower Yourself: 

Take control of your life and ask for what you need. Become an expert in your own ADHD health while the medical professionals catch up! 






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